Didn’t bring Keatkeat to school today, not because of the hives, but of the fever. I was still sponging him til 2am. That wasn’t the time I rest my eyes, ‘cos I couldn’t, my poor Binbin was scratching all over!

Binbin slept at about 12 midnight, but was awake almost after every 15-20mins of cat nap. It was too itchy for him. I felt so helpless. Other than consoling him and kept applying the Prickly Heat Powder on the affected areas, which was almost his entire body (except the face), there is very little I could do.

Binbin’s tired little body was winning over the itch; and finally won and brought Binbin to dreamland at 3.15am!

I realised Binbin’s hives and Keatkeat’s hives are very different. For the past 3 nights, Keatkeat’s attack usually starts at night and when he is asleep, those bumps were gone. Is there such a thing as night-hives? Hives is a form of allergic reaction right? But we didn’t do anything special at night, I am still trying to find out what triggers his attack.

Whereas my poor Binbin has it throughout the day and night. Last night I hugged the curled up little body after he concussed from the many cat naps. Put my left cheek against his right cheek. I was feeling the uncomfort my poor little guy was going through, my heart aches.

Scratch…scratch…. Oh no! He was scratching his face now. It must be my breath. No wind right? I forgot. I must be breathing too close to his face, small bumps started to appear around his nose……oh dear….sorry Binbin, I didn’t know my breath is considered windy too….

No change from yesterday’s list of sick people in the house. But if this unbalance ratio don’t change fast, very soon there will be an addition to that list; or maybe by the time the sick ones have recovered, the nurse have collapsed. *eyes rolled*