It happened on Wednesday, 14th August 2013, 6am+……

Binbin came out of his morning shower : “Mummy! Why Uniform?! Today is Wednesday, its supposed to be PE T-Shirt!”
Me: “Oh no! I forgot! Anyway, the Doctor gave you an MC yesterday, to exempt you from PE for 7 days remember? So no need to wear PE T-Shirt.”

Binbin: “My teacher said that on PE days must wear PE attire, even if I cannot do PE.”
Me: “Hhhmmm….then tell your teacher to call me, if she tells you that today.”

Binbin: “I don’t want my friends to ask why am I in uniform.”
Me: “If they ask, just show them the MC given by the doctor. I’ll put the MC in the pocket of your uniform, so that its easier for you to show them.”

Binbin: “MUMMY!!!! I just don’t want to be odd one out! Can you give me my PE attire?”
Me: “I’m Sorry Binbin. I forgot to wash your (both – one worn on Monday, another worn on Tuesday) PE attires yesterday. So they are still in the (laundry) basket.”

Binbin (extremely pissed with me): “HUH!!!!!!????”
Me: “I’m very very very sorry! If your teacher asks you why are you NOT in PE attire even when you are unfit for PE, tell her “My Mummy forgot to wash my PE attire.”

Binbin (silence for many seconds….then said in a pleading way): “Can I wear the one in the basket?”
When I heard that, I could feel my heart shattered into a zillion pieces. He REALLY wanted to wear his PE attire. He REALLY felt that its an embarrassment to be the odd one out.
And I!
The forgetful mother put him through such misery!
I was ripping my soul into pieces as I replied: “No Bin, its too dirty and smelly…..”

Binbin : *Gave a loud scream of frustration*
Me: “I’m very very sorry! I promised you that it will not happen again. Please forgive me.”
Binbin : *Silence*

Binbin was Super Furious!
He stomped around the house until we left for school.
He did NOTwant to give me the usual morning hugwhen we were in the lift.
He did NOTgive me the smiley-goodbye-waveafter he alighted at the school’s drop off point.

Felt super horrible the whole time until he came home from school………

He smiled at me like he always do when I opened the gate for him.
I smiled back awkwardly.

Allan knew that I was still filled with guiltiness.
He asked Binbin while we were having lunch: “So today wear uniform ok right?”
Binbin: “But I still need to do PE.”
Allan: “You didn’t give the MC?”
Binbin: “Got lah. After that no need PE lor.”

After that simple Q&A, Binbin’s anger and frustration from the whole event seemed to have vanished into thin air……
…….and everything was back to normal again……….


Still….after 3 days, when I recall his facial expression that morning, I still feel horribly guilty. What a jerk, I was!
 I’m Sorry, I Forgot…..