Ok, so there’s going to be The “Child Seats Save Little Lives” campaign in Singapore for the very first time.

According to Channel NewsAsia, the Traffic Police, Thomson Medical Centre and Volvo Cars want parents to realise that using child seats can help save lives, in the event of an accident.

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital saw about 130 cases of injured children in car accidents in 2006. The hospital said head injuries and limb fractures are common in such cases.

“A lot of (parents) are not belting up their children. Through this education and outreach programme, we (hope to) reach out to them and change their mindset,” said Commander Christopher Ng, Traffic Police Department.

“A sudden brake may cause the child to be hit harder and that can cause concussion or even a blood vessel tear, which may cause bleeding in the brain, and that’s serious. What’s more, the child may be thrown out of the car or hit an object in front. That can cause fractures as well. These injuries are serious and totally unnecessary, if only you strap the child (in a car seat),” said Dr Ang Poon Liat, Consultant Paediatrician, Paediatric Centre at Thomson Medical Centre.

According to some statistics, a child fastened in a rearward—facing child seat is 90 percent less likely to be injured in an accident, compared to one who is not restrained, like in the arms of a parent.

In Singapore, it is compulsory for all children below age 8 to be secured in a car seat. Offenders will be fined S$120 and receive three demerit points.—-

Maybe that’s why these days I see more traffic police zooming around the highway, slowing down whenever nearing a car and ‘peeped’ into the vehicle….looking out for offenders, I guess.

To be honest I am guilty of this sometimes. Give me 2 tight slaps please! (Begging) Currently, we only have one car seat, so got to go get another one today, not worth paying S$120 and deduct 3 demerit points from my 24 points, clean and untouched since I got my license 12 years ago. AND DEFINITELY NOT WORTH RISKING MY CHILDREN’S LIFE!

I bet more parents will be dashing down to stores to grab one or two now. This campaign would definitely be helping to boost the sales of car seats…guess there’s gonna be lots of beaming sales people this month.