I read a very simple, yet very meaningful passage over the internet today.
If you flare up at your child often, you may want to read the following article.
As the passage was written in Chinese and most of my readers are English-speaking, I thought of doing a translation here for my English readers.

stroll with a snail

God gave me a task.
HE wanted me to have a stroll with a snail.
I was unable to walk fast,
The snail tried its best to crawl, but its progress was so slow?
I hurried it, I shouted at it, I blamed it.
The snail looked at me with eyes filled with apologies,
as if saying: “I am ALREADY TRYING MY BEST!”

I pulled it, I tugged it, I even have the thought of kicking it,
The snail was wounded, sweating all over, panting hard, moving forward….

Totally baffled, why did GOD want me to bring a snail out for a stroll?
“Oh God! Why?”
The sky was silent.
“Maybe God is out catching snails.”
“Fine! I shall let go of the leash then.”
“Since GOD does not care anymore, why should I?”
“Just let the snail crawl, while I stay to sulk.”

“Hhhmmm…I can smell the fragrance from the flowers, so there’s a garden here.”
“I can feel the wind, didn’t realise the breeze is so comforting.”
“Wait a Minute! I can hear the birds singing, the sound of insects too.”
“I can see a beautiful sky filled with stars!”
“Why haven’t I had such an experience before?”

I realised, maybe I had been wrong all along?
God’s intention was to let the snail take me out for a stroll.

Moral behind the story:
Teaching our kids is like having a stroll with a snail.
Walk the growing journey of our children with them. (enjoying every moment)
There will be hair-pulling and frustrating moments,
Its our children showing us the most beautiful things in life subtly.

Our children’s eyes are filled with truth,
Our children’s perspectives are unique,
Parents should try to slow down our pace,
Put aside our subjective ideas,
Enjoy the beauty of life with our children,
Listen to the voice inside their hearts,
Take some time off,
Look away from your seemingly endless busy schedule,
Your child would not be the only one who will benefit from this. (you will too)

We can hold our tongue so well infront of our bosses, who satisfy our short term material needs.
Yet, we cannot do so to our own flesh and blood, who completes us and satisfy our long term emotional needs.
Zip our lips.
Let the children speak…..

I want to record this here as a reminder to myself too….



For those of you who are great in your Chinese language, you may want to go to the link below to read the actual article:


Is Your Child the ‘Snail’?