We had another of our ‘Throw-Away-Toys’ moment again. After Keatkeat’s birthday bash in November and Christmas, the toys have exceeded the ‘limit’ which I have set for them.

Usually we would have this practice just before a birthday celebration or a present giving session like Children’s Day or Christmas. Our perfect ‘excuse’ to do it today was the anticipation of the Lion Heads’ replacement mentioned in yesterday’s post.

You can imagine how WILLINGLY my boys were at throwing those broken toys away. When you don’t have such ‘good reasons’ even those cars that have lost 4-wheels are like treasures to them! But during ‘Throw-Away-Toys’ routine, these are first to go….


While Allan was reading the updates of the English Soccer on the net, I was the monster chasing my boys around my 80+ square meter house for almost 45mins non-stop!

I remember Anthony Robbins once said in his seminar, “Use your motion to change your emotions”… so for those of you who saw my SOS post on my other blog, you know I had a burning ‘head’ yesterday and just as I expected, this morning I woke up with a headache.

Guess what? The mad chase around the house did change my grumpy look… *laugh* Aren’t I glad I have kids? Sure I AM!


At dinner time, Keatkeat did it again. The urge to pass motion comes after first few mouthful of rice. 1st attempt was not rewarding, nothing came out from his ‘hole’ after sitting on the toilet bowl for 10mins.

Came back and took another few bites. 15mins later, the urge came again, this time, he got a satisfying result. He even exclaimed that he only needed 3 wipes to get his bottom cleaned, instead of the usual 10-20 wipes.

He doesn’t like to wash, he prefers to wipe. I think either way, I’m fine. So long as he is comfortable and CLEANed. Personally, I prefer him to wipe because if he is so used to washing his bum after the ‘big business’ is done, when he is doing ‘IT’ outside, he will have issues, cos’ there’s no water hose for him to wash.


Binbin have not done this for a long time, but his unique ‘talent‘ have not left him. He did it again just now. *laugh* He fell asleep while he was eating his dinner half-way. Please don’t ask me how he did it. He just DID IT!!! He was munching away and the next moment, he was snoring…. *huge laugh*