We were driving home after the Mothers’ Day celebration at my in-laws’ on Sunday night….

Keatkeat: “Mommy, D-U-C-K is ‘Duck’.”

Me: “Mm.”

Keatkeat: “T-R-U-C-K is ‘Truck’.”

Me: “Yes.”

Keatkeat: “Mommy, ‘Duck’ and ‘Truck’ rhymes right? Because both have ‘U.C.K.’?”

Me: “Yup.”

Keatkeat: “Mommy, what is ‘B-U-C-K’?”

Me: “Its a male deer. Male means boy-boy. Female means girl-girl. So ‘buck’ is a boy-boy deer.”

Keatkeat: “Mommy, then what is ‘F-U-C-K’?

The kids were sitting at the back, so Keatkeat didn’t see our jaws dropped! Allan and I looked at each other, speechless. I nudged Allan and gave him the ‘honour’ to answer that.

Allan: “Keatkeat, where did you learn that from?”

Keatkeat: “I want to find more words to rhyme with ‘Duck’. So I change the letter in-front. So ‘Fuck’ rhymes with ‘Duck’ right?”

I was giggling away as Allan continues….

Allan: “Keatkeat, its a vulgar language. Don’t learn. Not good.”

We were expecting him to ask ‘What is ‘vulgar?’. Surprisingly he didn’t. Maybe because Allan had already said that its ‘Not good and shouldn’t learn.’

I just hope he will NEVER say ‘Fuck rhymes with Duck‘ if his teacher EVER ask the class ‘Ok, children tell me all the words that rhymes with ‘Duck.”