To me, its pointless to keep nagging.

What does go into the ears and hopefully the brain of the child WILL GO IN. And what doesn’t, stays outside.

I ever wrote a strong post about how much I believe in letting the child learn through EXPERIENCE , instead of giving warnings or spoken teaching. Sorry, I forgot the name of that post, so could not link it.

Of course, I would not be brainless as to push them towards the fire.
I would warn, for life-threatening things.
I would reason, for behaviourial issues.
I would re-wire, for mindset stuff.
BUT, if warning has been given, reason has been laid out, re-wiring has been done and my boy still choose to do it his way.

So learn it the hard way boy….
The sofa arm rest slammed onto his big toe…..
He is famous for super pain tolerance.
But even superboy could not hold back his tears.
He literally wailed!!!

I cannot even recall when was the last time he cried this loud and that long a duration! *scratch head*

Since last Friday, Allan and I have been revamping our house a little.
Painted the living room and the kitchen.
Bought a number of DIY furnitures from IKEA.
Wrapped the new cupboards with wallpaper, ‘cos we did not like the colour, but the size of the cupboards were too perfect to give them a miss.
Cleared lots of clothes and toys….. etc etc

Finally after so long, we are done with the fixing!
We are exhausted!!!!

Just left with the clearing and transferring from the old storage to the new.

So Binbin got his swollen toe on Saturday and it became completely black the next day.

Today, it looked a little detached!!!
I would not be surprised if the nail would fall off man!
Its still tender when touched upon…. Hhmmm….

Well, at least the toe-bones were not crushed under the sofa arm rest.
Its a DIY sofa, so the arm rest and the body are separated.
I had said enough of Leave the sofa alone. Step away. Go eat tibits. Go do this, go do that…. just STAY AWAY from the unfixed sofa!”

a climb over here,
a crawl over there,
a push over here and…..
the sofa arm rest just slammed right onto his toe….

oh well, another lesson learned through the ‘Wham’ way…. *eyes rolled*