Yesterday, we went for a swim with my auntie (the one who took care of me since I was a baby) and my most respected cousin, Corina, together with Matin and his cousin who just turned one last month.

Auntie didn’t swim, only Allan, Corina, myself and the 4 kids swam. We thought the ratio of 3:4 would be good enough but accident still happened.

As I recalled….yesterday was a terribly unlucky day. We went to Chao Chu Kang Swimming Complex, full of excitement with all the floats, water balls, water guns and all the yummies to fill our stomach when we get hungry.

But It Is Closed On Every Monday!!! Damn! So the thought of going on the slides and enjoying the massage from the wavy pool was smashed!

We had no choice but went to the normal swimming complex at Clementi.

We had splashing great fun, playing the crocodile and shark chasing, obviously, Allan was the croc and I was the shark while Corina was the kids’ angel, fighting against us.

Just when we were so into the game, 3 kids about age 7 came over and wanted to play with us, we didn’t want to because they were quite rough, but they just kept “interrupting” our fun. Just then, Allan shouted at me from behind, “Why aren’t you taking care of Binbin?!”

When I turned my head, little Binbin was choking and looking pale. Allan told me that his float wasn’t with him and he was struggling to swim (in a swimming position), kicking and flapping his arms like crazy but with HIS HEAD UNDER THE WATER!

We kept slapping his back till he vomited lots of pool-water and the vegetable he ate for lunch (I guess we over-slapped) before his face finally got the reddish color back.

As some of you know, I nearly lost him before which almost took the last breathe out of me, so I am always extra careful towards him. Till now, I still get the shivers, when I recall what happened 1 year ago on Allan’s birthday.

Yet my negligent nearly cost me to lose my 3 year old again….damn me!