Its a beautiful cozy day today. Though the ground was cold and wet, it was no cold blanket to my good mood.

A day to let me experience what it will be like from next year onwards; when the boys will be in the same session…Finally! Yeah!

What would it be like to have 6 hours of precious Me-Time every school day? I experienced it today…and… Its Awesome!

  • Dropped the kids at the school gate
  • Went jogging with Allan at the stadium
  • Returned home to bathe and relax for an hour
  • Set the Washing Machine to work
  • While he naps, I am here with my PC.

Lovely way to start a day isn’t?!

I love children and being a parent totally complete my craze over kids. Though playing with young ones and having young ones of your own is TOTALLY a different experience, but truly, I LOVE BEING A PARENT.

When I made that commitment to set my ‘factory‘ to work and get the ‘production line‘ in operation, I had already CHOSEN to give up my me-time, give up my singlehood lifestyle.

When one decides to have children of your own, it is OUR CHOICE to become responsible for the well-being of the child.
It is unlike your job, whereby your boss throws you something that you do not like to do, yet, because you need that salary at the end of the month, you forced yourself to do it.

The day you go to bed with your man, your mind and soul should be prepared to TAKE UP THAT RESPONSIBILITY of bringing up your child.

If you are still hoping to get that free-and-easy child-less lifestyle after having a baby of your own, SERIOUSLY, My Advise is DON’T GIVE BIRTH! Its torturing to the adult and the child.

No Me-Time?
Want Me-Time?
You will have it!
Give yourself 8-10 years after birth, you WILL HAVE THAT PRECIOUS ME-TIME back, ….somehow.

When I think of how our grandparents carry our parents on their back when they are working in the fields, I really think the parents of today lack that kind of commitment. SAD!

Parents of today are busy thinking of which side of the in-laws to hand the baby-rearing responsibility to; or busy researching on which child care centre could take care of their kids for LONGER hours, so that the parents could still catch a drink or two after work with friends.

Mindset all wrong!

For two-three years, I left my boys with my MIL, while I work 12 hours a day in my retail business, only fetching them home at 11pm every night. Traveling for 20-30mins every single day, each morning and each night. Those were the days when time zoomed so fast without realisation.

I became complacent.
I took MIL for granted.
When she is sick, I had to close one of my stalls or give an urgent call to my part-time staff to help mend the kiosk.
During those days, I was angry.
I blame her for making me lose a day of sales.
We were living from hand to mouth during those years and hence every day sales is of EXTREME importance.
Now I think of it.
I was such a horrible person!

Even on days when I could rest, I chose NOT to let my kids stay with me at home. I still choose to bring them over so that I COULD REST.
How horrible was I!?!


When MIL finally threw in the towel, I was forced to end my retail business TOTALLY. Only then could I take care of my boys, who were 3 and 2 years old then. That was the beginning of me being a full time SAHM and all those nasty mindset were thrown out of my life once and for all.

Though our ‘financial health’ was VERY weak for the first year, I am thankful that it was indeed a blessing in disguise afterall. *clap clap clap*

I chose to give birth.
Yet, I threw that responsibility to someone else?!
It is NOT my MIL’s responsibility to care for my kids.
If I get to rest, what about her?!
At that old age, instead of having a relaxed life, after slogging for years for her three sons, I, as a DIL, still make her bend her back to care for MY CHILDREN?!
Now that I think of it, I feel so horrible about myself.

It is out of kindness, she helped, NOT RESPONSIBILITY.
Responsibility and commitment IS MINE and mine alone to bear because I created that life, or should I say those ‘Two Lives’.
I chose to bring Kitkit and Binbin to earth.
It was MY decision.
It IS MY JOB to take care of MY kids.
Not her job. Not her responsibility.

These 8 to 10 years is the foundation of your relationship with your child.
Make THAT TIME for him/her.
You can NEVER turn back the clock.
Once you missed those precious 10 years of spending QUALITY time with them, you are only left to regret.

Break it or Make it.
Build that foundation right.
So that you will not live to regret it….someday…



No Me-Time?