I am a strong believer of being joyful and staying happy.
When a person is happy, the whole world is viewed through different lens.
Lens of goodness.
Lens of opportunities.

In life, there will be imperfection and unpleasant surprises thrown at us.
I do get upset.
I do have negative thoughts too.
However, the key point is HOW LONG DO I ALLOW MYSELF to be in that bad state of mind?
For me, very short.
A couple of hours?
A day or two max!

But THIS takes practice!
Tons of Practice!
And it starts with controlling our tongue!

Words that are spoken cannot be retrieved, just like a cup of spilled milk.
So if the words which came out of the mouth is of low value, the damage will be done to the receiver, regardless of how many “I’m So Sorry, Please Forgive Me.” is said after that.
The wound may heal, but the scar remains.

Thus, I often remind Kitkit and Binbin, if you have NOTHING GOOD TO SAY, KEEP QUIET.
Focus on the Good, not the bad.

Yesterday, Kitkit handed this to me, which was stapled onto his Composition Paper.
He said: “Mummy, read my Strength. Don’t look at ‘What to Work On’. You know, that’s rather negative. ‘Cos ‘What to Work On’ means I did not do a good job in that area. So don’t talk about negative things. Just look at MY Strength, ok?”


What a perfect way to escape from being reprimanded, by using my words on me.
*thumbs up*


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