There is something that Allan and I feel very proud of as parents. We never had a pram. When Keatkeat was born, many of my friends wanted to buy a pram for him. We said no. Reasons?

– We realised that many prams turned out to be trolleys for the parents.

– Kids like to be close to their parents’ body. We knew that having strong arms is a must to be a parent. So complaining of being tired? Then go out less often.

– Its troublesome in many ways. Getting it folded and unfolded. Pushing it around in crowded areas. Finding lifts, to prevent carrying up the stairs. Taking up a big space in the boot where the space can be used for other things.

– We don’t want our kids to become lazy. (When other kids are in the pram, my kids at 1 years old, is already holding my hands, walking around the shopping centre with me.)

– To get a real good one – light and foldable using one hand for convenience, is really a big investment. Yet this investment do not give returns. After a few years, you had to throw away if no one wants to accept your 2nd-hand pram as a gift.

– Some prams are harder to clean than others. When the baby vomits some milk (which is soooooooo common and frequent), that smell can stay in that pram for days!

So instead of prams, we had baby slings. Mine was Navy Gingham Blue in colour (note: I am not getting any commission for this) Why?

– They are safe and secure.

– They keep the baby close to the mother’s body for comfort and security.

– Easy for breastfeeding. You can even breastfeed while walking.

– You can be totally hands free.

– The cloth is not too thick. So baby stays cool in it all day.

– Its machine washable.

– The cushion padding helps to lessen the weight pressed on your shoulders.

– The designs makes stains less visible.

– Its adjustable. To suit the baby or up the age of a 18 month old toddler.

– Its super affordable.

– After using it for 2 kids, its still look as good as new.

Seriously, for all first time parents, this is truly a wiser choice. In my view, that is.