Singapore Kindness Movement – Make Someone’s Day……. with Stack, Drop, Go! ~ A Tray Return Initiative.

Does it really work?
I think there is still a long way to go.

Since returning your own tray, with your empty bowls or plates on it, after a meal in the hawker centre, is being encouraged in this Stack, Drop, Go! movement, no one was there to clear or wipe the tables. *pout*

I think the purpose of this movement is to make the table clean for the next patron to use after we leave. However, though our table was cleared before we came (obviously the person before us supported the tray returned initiative), there were splatters of soy sauce and laksa gravy left shimmering on the table top.

Is that an inviting table?
I do not think so.

I think it would really work, if everyone uses the tray as a table mat, thus any ‘accidents‘ will fall on the tray, instead of the table.

However, it is also NOT quite possible if you have a family of four, like us.
The 4-seater tables in the hawker centre was too small to accommodate 4 trays laid side by side at the same time.
After ordering our food and returning to our table, we had to transfer the bowls or plates from the tray to the table and stack up the trays to make space for everyone.

Well, with an un-wiped table with gravy of all sorts and coffee stains too, it did not live up to the motion of “Make Someone’s Day”.

Furthermore, the old uncles and aunties working at the Tray Return Points were unable to cope with the peak hours crowd.
There was a couple of times whereby the shelves at the Tray Return Points were completely full and the tired uncles and aunties scrambled to throw the leftovers into the bin, sort out the soiled utensils, wipe the tray and stack them up.

As a result, during such moments, there were short queues of people holding onto their trays waiting for an empty spot on the shelves. Some refused to wait and just placed their trays back onto the table. Others left it on the floor beside the shelves.

I think something should be done to solve this, in order for this movement to work.

Nonetheless, my children did it.
I felt it was a good way to cultivate this habit even in the public, as they always return their utensils to the kitchen sink after every meal at home.
My 9 year old and 7 year old did the Stack, Drop, Go! at the hawker centre.
The action itself made them feel really good about themselves.
Definitely made their day!

Stack, Drop, Go! – My Children Did It!