Its the third swimming lesson already and Binbin could swim far with just one breath, while Keatkeat could swim only half the distance of what his younger brother could.

Well, we are not surprise because of Keatkeat’s personality – a giver-up-er.

Keatkeat is constantly struggling between wanting to outperform his younger brother and obeying his natural instinct, i.e. ‘This is out of my comfort zone, I might as well just give up’.

CoachV said that Binbin is much better than his older brother overall, even though Keatkeat could hold his breath longer.

The boys love CoachV. We love the progress we see in our kids in just 3 swimming lessons. Having only 4 kids in the class for a 45mins lesson, with one of them still reluctant to participate (see ‘Children Swimming Lesson‘ post), you can imagine the attention CoachV gives to the other 3 kids, which includes my children.

It really felt like they had joined a private swimming class. For just $20 for 4 lessons, this is something that came unexpected. Then again, it was an offered price for the first 4 lessons afterall. So now we are left with a rather difficult choice. Should we continue with CoachV and pay a lot more or should we look for another swimming instructor?

I understand that CoachV needs the income and therefore it is only right that every swimming lesson plan by him has to be worthwhile. He told us that if the 4 students agree to continue, then, it would be $70 for each pupil for every 4 lessons.

In our hearts, we doubt that the parents of the ‘reluctant kid’ would want to continue, so we asked, “What if only 3 wish to continue?”

“Then it would be $90 per student.” He replied nicely. Looking at our slightly-shocked expression, he continued, “One  parent (the more-willing-boy’s parent) has already indicated that her child would be continuing.”

$90! For 4 lessons. Per child. And I have two children. That would make $180 for the next 4 lessons. Hhhhmmm…..

So we were doing the Pros and Cons chart again:


  1. The greater amount of attention given to my boys can help the boys to progress much faster.
  2. Therefore they might be able to master swimming much earlier.
  3. Our aim is just for them to know how to swim, not for them to become an Olympic swimmer, so the moment they have learned how to swim and breath at the same time, then we will stop the lesson. With CoachV, we can stop anytime.
  4. If my children can achieve that by the next 4 lessons, then we would actually be paying only $55 per 4 lessons. ($20 + $90 = $110 / 2 sets of 4 lessons = $55 )


  1. Other group swimming lessons are going at $50 and $60 for every 4 lessons. We would be spending so much more by paying $90!
  2. With two kids, that would be $180!
  3. If my boys cannot achieve the goal, then the 3rd set of 4 lessons would really be paying way above market price.

Well, from the above list, its clear that the Pros list won.

I rest my case.