(Singing to the famous tune)
“This is the way I do worksheets, I do worksheets, I do worksheets.
This is the way I do worksheets, most of the time…”


No, no, no…. That is NOT the song he sang in the video, just that this song came to my mind when I typed the title down. *bleh*

Finally I managed to catch him on camera without him knowing.

Singing and doing school worksheets/homework at the same time!
Even moving his body a little as he sang…

When he discovered I was filming him, the ‘mobile phone tug of war’ began. *laugh*

So what made him agree to NOT delete the video and allow me to post it on this blog? 2 pieces of GoGos!!!

Oh well, its a good trade-off, because its great to record such moments and be able to relive that moment again many years later… provided YouTube does not die on me… *fingers crossed*

So that is how he has been making his worksheet-time enjoyable. What does your child do to make his/her worksheet-time enjoyable?

This is the way I do my Worksheets