For a family like us with ‘itchy legs’, it is not easy to be at home THE WHOLE DAY and NOT leave the house everyday.
Yes, we are out of the house every single day, be it schooling time or during holidays.
Ever since the haze got worse, we were ‘somehow forced’ to stay at home for the good health of everyone, especially Kitkit, who had history of bronchitis.

However, staying at home the WHOLE day is a torture for us.
The only one who goes out is Allan, ‘cos he is the errand boy. Oops!
So I should say, its a torture for the 3 of us.
Binbin misses his evening soccer fun with his dad, brother and new found friends here in our neighbourhood.
Kitkit is still waiting for his 5th visit to Legoland, which I had promised to be in the June holidays.

From one of the previous posts, I shared what we do when we are indoors building a stronger family bond.
But to continuously stay at home doing the same thing each day can become a very boring routine for an outgoing family like us.

I found SOMETHING to give my boys a different type of entertainment.
though its just for a few minutes,
at least its something different….. to kill our boredom.

Let me say this first :

I found the beetle in the kitchen.
Picked it up and put it on my palm.
Brought it to the living room and said: “Kit, Bin, I’ve got something to show you.”
They put down the iPad and with eyes wide open asked: “What?!”

“Ta Da!”
They freaked out!
*huge laugh*
Especially Kitkit!
He jumped off the sofa and ran to the windows.
*huge laugh*

But Binbin’s curiosity ruled over his fear.
“Is it ticklish?”
“Does it bite?”

“Try it yourself!” I challenged him. “Not very ticklish and it does not bite. If it does, I would not have held it myself.”

Binbin: “How you know that it does not bite?”
Me: “Cos I held this type of beetle before.”

With a little persuasion and with his inquisitiveness rising, he finally had it on his finger.


bbbee2 bbbee3



Yeah! He conquered his fear!

*clap clap clap*

My parenting style has not changed. I want my boys to experience things that they have not tried before.
Since young, I told them: “The more you experience, the more knowledgeable you become. Knowledge gained from reading can never be compared to knowledge received through hands-on experiences.” So I will always encourage them to try new things. Things that are NOT harmful to their body or health and things that are NOT against the law as well.

Unfortunately, I could not get Kitkit to do it as he is in the growing stage of “What will I benefit from doing it?” Since there is no reward, other than gaining experience, he picked up the iPad and continued his YouTube video-watching, with occasional side glances at me; in case I start being mischievous and bring the beetle near to him again. *laugh*

So it was just Binbin, the Beetle and I.
We played ‘Beetle Transfer’….






Crawling on human skin is probably freaking the beetle out as much as it had done to Kitkit; as it started to speed up in its movement. Thus we put it down and let it roam as it pleases… the bin.

At least its something different today… kill Binbin’s boredom and mine.
Hhhhhmmmm….and there is tomorrow….will the haze be gone when I open my eyes in the morning?
If Mr Haze continues to stay…..then what shall we do to kill our boredom again?

Trying to Kill Boredom…differently…