Unbelievably exciting weekend…

I was so eager to tell you about how I felt before the Working Mothers Forum, I forgot to talk about what happened during the forum, luckily I’ve got Malmal’s mom to remind me (see her comments for yesterday’s post).

So registration opens at 1pm with refreshments and people get to tour around the many booths that satisfy different needs of mothers or family.

Then the opening speech by Mr Eddie Koh, General Manager, Friesland (Singapore), Friso
Keynote by Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon, Minister of State, MCYS
Address by Dr Daniel Goh, Chairman, Working Mothers Forum
It was during this time that I was already freaking out. Went to the toilet twice!
Then it was the Discussion Panel (Moderator: Mr Andrew Thomas, Managing Director, Ogilvy PR)
Dr Daniel Goh, Chairman, WMF (Paediatrician)
Ms Cheryl Liew, Vice Chair, WMF (Work-Life Consultant)
Mr Gurchran J Singh, Co-Founder, Cherie Hearts and Winner of Work Life Harmony Achievement Awards
And 2 mothers : Josephine – a very nice lady who is a pre-school teacher now and…..
ME! The stay-at-home mother…hmmm…come to think of it, I think my existence is just to add variety to the Panel, ‘cos ultimately the theme for this forum was BALANCE YOU, BALANCE WORK, BALANCE FAMILY.
It is a Working Mothers Forum afterall…
Then there are yummy food for refreshments, after which Ms Cheryl Liew talked about: Good mum, good employee: How do you strike a work-life balance? – Best practice sharing session with Q&A.
Last speaker of the day, Mr Davy Lassange talked about: Managing your finances and those of your family – Professional advice and sharing session with Q&A.
Last but not least, there was Lucky Draw and refreshments again! You never have to worry about feeling hungry when you are there….*wink*
When everything ended, they did a video clip of me talking about my wish as a mother and how I felt about the forum…no guarantees but if I’m that lucky, you’ll be seeing me on your television screen! *wink*

Unbelievably natural-me photos…

Q, a very pretty and soft-spoken lady, one of the coordinator of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide attached some photos of me in action when I was on stage….(go see her comments for yesterday’s post and click on the links provided by her)

I reckoned that I have a ‘big’ mouth (as in physical size), not the ‘big’ mouth, as in going around spreading people’s secrets…*laugh*… and the professional photographer did captured ‘that part’ of me really well *huge laugh*

Go see the photos if you are interested to see my different expressions throughout the event….*wink*


Unbelievably sick Sunday….

I woke up on Sunday morning like a pirate. My right eye was swollen with yellowish-greenish pus. *Ewwww*

As if moving around with one eye wasn’t bad enough, I was having a terrible runny nose. Never had that for a very very long time now.

I was practically lying down the whole time. Squeezing my eyes every other minute hoping the pus would be drained out that much faster….

As I type now, my eyes are better, my nose is better, just that I’m feeling a little groggy now, maybe due to too much rest….


Unbelievably down on luck….

To me, being sick is normal, so I would not consider that as down-on-luck. But when you have got 3 electrical stuff down at the SAME time! That’s truly an unlucky day!

1) How many of you CANNOT ‘live’ without your mobile phone?! I would be in deep trouble because I hardly remember the numbers of ALL my contacts…and lo and behold, my mobile phone can’t be charged, can’t be switched on at all!

2) It was super warm last night and we needed the fan badly but its ‘spine’ was fractured because of the kids’ mischief (who else?).

In the end, we had to support it by tying a wooden stick to it to hold it up!

(see picture)

3) Allan needed to print his flyers urgently for his upcoming Open house for his client and yet the printer is down after a few prints…



Unbelievably cooperative kids…

But God is fair. Though I’m so sick, and nothing seemed to work well in the house, the kids were unbelievably cooperative.

Many of you have your hubby with you during weekend, I don’t, because of the nature of Allan’s job.

But coincidentally, Allan was free this weekend and hence was able to go to the forum on Saturday with me (giving me the moral support I needed badly) and being at home on Sunday to take care of the kids when 90% of the time I’m lying around, either on the sofa or the bed.

The kids hardly fight (physically) yesterday and today. They do have their arguments, but were resolved without our (adult) interference – amazingly rare. Then they played together harmoniously with their hot wheels.

When that didn’t excite them much, they cut papers and used markers to colour those tiny pieces and ‘decorated’ their cars by sticking them with scotchtape.

My house is in an unimaginable mess right now, but that’s alright…since there isn’t any guest coming over…sometimes when your kids are so damn obedient, even the mess they create looks pleasant to the eyes….*wink*