Its been a month since we last went over to my Parent-in-law’s house. We wanted to be very sure that Keatkeat is ok before we go over on Sundays again. No kids from ‘that side‘ have Chicken Pox yet.

Today, we welcome back my eldest niece, CH. Because of the change in her swimming lessons, they chose to visit my PIL on Saturdays instead of the usual Sundays.

However, my MIL wasn’t happy over the months, ‘cos she needed to prepare ‘heavenly dishes’ twice a week, instead of once a week.

So she requested that my 2nd BIL and SIL return to the usual Sunday routine. Hence today, they came over for lunch, disappeared for about 3-4hours for CH’s swimming lessons, then head back here again for dinner.

For my boys, even the blind can tell that they enjoyed today more than any Sundays in the past. They missed their cousins. They played hard, laughed hard and gobbled down the food fast too! Guess they missed my MIL’s cooking as much as I did. *laugh*

For myself, it was wonderful. I had a long chat with my FIL, learning about his childhood; why he left China with his family when he was only 8years old. The story was rather tragic and horrifying (some part of it).

Suddenly he popped out the question, “Where were you from? Your ancestor. Your origin. You are a Chinese, so you are definitely from China, but which part of China?”

I DON’T KNOW!!! My dad could never have known, ‘cos my grandpa died when he was a toddler/preschooler. My grandma was a nonya. So I guess there was no way I’ll ever know, where EXACTLY did my blood flow from…?

Do you know where are you from, originally?