image155.jpgFor the experienced mummies, you know how short the lifespan of toys are, especially when their fate is in the hands of a 2-year-old.Their Christmas presents, as expected, were mainly remote control cars. Allan and I were already expecting the outcome of the fate of these cars, errrmm…not so much of the cars but the controls’ antenna.

Binbin loves to pull them out to the maximum and then push them back. I guess he enjoys playing with it more that getting the cars to work by pushing the buttons on the control.

Extending the antenna is easy. The difficult part is when Binbin tries to push it back down. You know, my 2-year-old is a ‘muscle-kid’, he is even stronger than his 4-year-old brother.

Whenever he tries too hard to push the antenna back, it BREAKS INTO 2! He will run to us with the panic look,”Mummy, spoil already. How?” Then we would just unscrew the antenna out and he will have to control the car from a near distance.

This time, it was the same, the only difference was we found blood on one of the broken end of the antenna. We searched for the source of the blood stain all over Binbin’s body, by the way my little one was still giggling, thinking that we were tickling him.

Then we saw the blood stain on his shirt, tilted his head up and saw the 4cm cut at the bottom of his left cheek.

“Is it painful?” I asked the most silly questions in the world.


Ever since Binbin was able to crawl, I learnt that my boy had the highest level of pain threshold that I have ever seen in any kid in my life.

    He can fall from his crib and all he did was a loud ‘waiy’ and then he is quiet.
    His walker can turned upside down with him in it, and he didn’t even made a sound.
    He can knock his head on the wall with a huge bump and he don’t even frown.

I am not exaggerating, I truly have an amazing boy when it comes to pain tolerance.

Do you have an amazing kid like mine?