The day after my birthday, I was blog hopping to Little Prince site. Little Prince was confused with when to use the word ‘You‘ and when to use ‘Me‘.

This was something which I had encountered before and the method I used worked for ‘my‘ child care centre toddlers, as well as my boys; and so I shared in the comment box:

“Sit him on your lap.
Hold his right hand in yours with the index finger pointing out.
Point to himself and say “Me”.
Point to another person or teddy bear and say “you”….
do it as and when you can, over and over again every day, till he gets it right.

the keypoint here is not for “you”, its rather for “me”. So that whenever he needs something for himself, he will say “me” and then when to say “you” becomes natural.

I was super happy when I saw this post, almost 2 weeks later, when Little Prince’s Mommy said:

“Oh Yes!
I’m no longer confuse between ‘me’ and ‘you’,
After many sections of special training by mummy,
Via activity suggested by Aunty Angeline!
Special thanks to Aunty Angeline :)”

It feels Awesome to be able to help. *Grin*

Do you face this problem too? Hope my method would work for your toddler as well.