This morning was Binbin’s year end ‘teachers-parents meet up session’. Most parents would look forward to this day, with a ‘hope for the best, prepare for the worst’ kind of mindset. *wink*

For Allan and I, we are more concerned about our child’s character development. For kids at 5, it is very easy for them to ‘pick up’ things, be it good or bad. Peer pressure is the key, once the child starts schooling.

His teacher’s feedback was one of the nicest thing that any parent would want to hear:

“I have only been with this school for 3 terms. When I first came, everything was new to me. The environment, the teachers and the students. I was still wondering how much time would I need to ‘bland’ into the new place.

Zen was the only kid who made me feel comfortable then. He was the first child who made me feel welcome. He would report to me about his classmates, his feelings, his thoughts. Very few children would go to the teacher for a chat. Most students go to a teacher either for a complain or to seek help. But Zen comes to me like a friend and chats with me.

bin's draw“Zen is a very special boy. He always gives surprises and thinks out of the box. His perception of things are very different from his peers, whom I have taught before.

For example, this picture, he told me, “Miss S., I did not draw my face because I am looking at the food on the shelf and this black colour is my hair.” I was impressed.

“He is always showing concern for his classmates and very observant. He can even tell me how many days each of his friends have been absent from school. Even I had to catch up with his level of preciseness.” Miss S. laughed.


Of course, without fail, like all the other teachers, Miss S. went on to commend that Binbin has no problem expressing himself. Binbin’s Chinese teacher elaborated on his extend of expressiveness, “Zheng Bing would show his affection by hugging his friends, regardless of their gender.”

It was a bonus too, to hear from the teachers that Binbin’s academic results fall into the ‘Average Group’. *smile*

We hope that Binbin will continue his expressiveness, so long as he does not start grabbing girls to kiss. *giggle*
He would not.
He has already made it loud and clear that he allows only his Mommy to kiss him and be kissed by him. *wink*

How important is Your Child’s Character Development to you?