My dad could never understand how I could concentrate on my school work while listening to music and songs.

He strongly believes that I am not giving my full concentration to my school work.
Guess what?
He is RIGHT!

However, I needed the rhythm for motivation, especially when I am doing my Chinese schoolwork.

As much as I wish to ask Kitkit to pull the earpiece out, I did not.
I understand why he is doing this……… TOTALLY!
He was singing to his collection of songs in the phone, tapping his small feet on the ground and doing his Chinese schoolwork, all at the same time: just like me when I was young.
The only difference is probably the phone, mine was walkman…back then.

Its REALLY amusing to watch my own child doing what I used to do when I WAS A CHILD.

What habits of your child is the same as you when you were at that age?


Your Child is another mould of YOU