The words on the cover of the SISTIC envelope read, “keeping the kids captivated for two hours : priceless”


I would say, I am going to MULTIPLE those two hours by at least 12 times with the surprise I had prepared for them for 15 months!

Yes, my ex-neighbour bought tickets for LEGOLAND in the month of March and the moment I heard about the special offer, went straight back into my house and grabbed it!

Bought it so long ago and only remembered to collect them today! Thanks to the chaos which house-moving can create. *laugh*


LEGOLAND Malaysia’s Grand Opening date is on 15 September 2012.

Now that we visit Malaysia AT LEAST twice a week, I see no reason why I should not get the special offer, which ended last month. We purchased the Annual Pass for 15months of free admission, instead of the usual 12 months free admission and at a cheaper price! The early birds DO catches big fat worms! *laugh*

Yes, which means we could use these tickets  from 15 September 2012 till 31 December 2013! Whoo-hoo! Thank you ex-neighbour!

So LEGOLAND, We are Ready!