….or better known as Singapore’s very own Reservoir in the City or Reservoir by the Bay.

We fell in love with this place the moment we found it on Saturday by Chance. It was opened since 1 November 2008, but we never knew till we took our usual drive around Singapore to find new places to entertain our boys. Singapore, though small, it does have lots of ‘hidden’ places where you can easily fall in love with. Its our habit to ‘take a drive’ whenever we are bored….

When we are so crazy over a place, we can keep going there and not get sick of it. Guess what? We found it on Saturday and we went again on Sunday! We are nuts! We always have a set of spare clothes in our car boot, so whenever we chance upon a place with ‘water-playground’, we would NEVER say disappointing sentences to our kids like, “Sorry boys, we’ll come again another day, we didn’t bring extra clothings for you, so if you get wet, we can’t dry and change your clothes….” which is soooooooo commonly heard.

Saw the video on yesterday’s post? Haven’t? Ooohhhh…. go see the fun my boys had!

Ok, please bear with me, cos’ when I’m in love, I tend to be really chatty, I have to show you around the place….

This is the ‘divider’ which the government built, separating the salt water from the reservoir. After the divider was up, they started draining away the salt water and transformed it into Singapore’s biggest reservoir right beside the bustling Central Business District. Though we are but a dot on the globe, Singapore has always wanted to be self-sufficient and this is one of the biggest step Singapore has taken.

And hence the birth of this place – Marina Barrage. A place for the whole family to do lots of fun stuff.

The photos are a combination of both days, so you’ll notice that the boys are in 2 different clothings and the sky looks rather different. It was covered with dark clouds on Saturday and because we went there earlier on Sunday so certain photos look much brighter…

Here, you can (left to right) stand on that divider or the viewing bridge to look at the beautiful scenery….

you can see The Singapore Flyer, people fishing and the big Ships sailing by…

you can also take the boat ride at S$5 per person and/or bring your kites there and fly it from the High Bridge where you can see much more…

or just have great splashing fun at the water playground… remember to bring extra clothings…. I’m a ‘water-person’, I simply couldn’t resist the temptation and got wet while chasing my kids around, are you eager to see me wet? nah… I didn’t upload those photos of me… *laugh*

So Please don’t forget to bring your camera!!!!!