entrance So was my 6th sense about the dust mites right? (see yesterday’s post) Thank you WaveSurfer for telling me that the possibility of bed bugs is higher than dust mites. Whichever it was, after the mattresses had be changed, we had the best night rest in days!!!

So we were up, feeling the bounce under our feet as we got up at 8am+, ready to head down to the Singapore Zoological Gardens.

Called my in-laws to make sure that they were up and getting ready too before we left the house to bring them along.

entrance2Its School Holidays! What fun is there if only my boys enjoy? EVERY KID in the family SHOULD come along. As much as we had wished to, my eldest niece couldn’t join us, cos’ our car couldn’t fit her in. Sorry girl. 4 Adults and 5 kids, its already a test to the suspension of the car.

I have decided to do 2 separate posts for this trip. With a combine power from the 2 photographers: my elder niece- Z.Y. and I, we took almost 200 photos!!!! We were nuts!!! Luckily our batteries were fully charged.

I had such a difficult time choosing which photos to post, ‘cos EVERY PHOTO TELLS A STORY!

entrance3ticketsEven after hours of sorting and resizing over the past 3 days, I couldn’t bring the numbers down any further…. and hence these are the cream of the crop which I will be presenting….


Ok, are you ready? Here we go…*wink*

For today’s post, I’ll be concentrating on the FUN the kids had and tomorrow will be on the animals-dead or alive and their interaction with the kids.

Ok here goes the 50+ photos-post……

The Boat Ride – newest attraction in the Zoo

Our ever improving and changing zoo has always impressed me. You can practically visit the place every year and feel like its your first.


The Tram Ride

tramtram2Binbin has been bugging us to take the tram ride. Whenever one passed us by, he would wave “Come, come, quick, the tram is here.” , even though we had no intention to sit then.

Finally after walking for 2 hours, our tired legs agreed to his request. Look at how happy he was when he finally sat his butt on it while grabbing the handle tightly. (Shhh…he was afraid, yet he chose to sit at the extreme end, ‘cos he didn’t want to be blocked by any ‘heads’)


My elder niece could not resist taking a photo of the scady-cat-look on her sister.


The Toilet Break

Too much tension had caused stress to the bladder. *laugh* Off went the 2 sisters into the toilet right after the tram ride.

While the girls were peeing, the boys were happily waiting outside.


The Lunch

My MIL cooked lunch and prepared snacks for all of us. Yangzhou Fried Rice, finger food and pandan cake for tea time later. We were so thankful that she brought so much, ‘cos we, the hungry ones, chowed down everything without a problem.


The Rainforest KidzWorld – biggest kids attraction in the zoo

kizwld1This was where every kid went crazy!!!

First it was simple water play. Then their courage rose to the occasion and tried the tunnel slides and then the Big DownPour.

Now this was the ‘DownPour’ I was talking about:-


When the big tub right on top of the structure was almost full, the bell would  start to sound. “ding, ding, ding…” All the kids would start RUNNING from wherever they were, to that location (see above).

Some sat, some stood, some squatted, some lied down…. all waiting for the Big DownPour……see the water coming from the tub in the first picture?


The force was so strong, some smaller ones who chose to stand were literally ‘knocked-down’!!!!

Only my nieces were brave enough for it (my boys…not so much) and clever them, they sat with heads down and hands over their faces….*laugh*

Other than water play, Rainforest KidzWorld had ‘dry play’ too:-

kizwld35kizwld33The kids really wanted to have a race in this ”River Crossing’. The 2 boats move by pulling the ropes.

Too bad, only my elder niece met the requirement of ‘6 years and above’. Because only one kid will be enjoying, we decide to drop the idea completely and head for others…..



And so that ends Part 1 of the trip.*phew*…..

I can’t believe it! I survived posting 50+ photos of them…. and there will be more tomorrow… *faint* when its time to bring out the animals and kids (again).