Yeah Yeah Yeah!

Keatkeat has fully recovered. The MC (medical certificate) of 10 days is just too perfect.

However, he will not be attending school tomorrow or rather he will not be back in school till the mini school break from 5th-13th September is over. It was a mutual agreement between his teacher and me.

The class is still filled with students who are coughing and sneezing. Just in case my low immunity boy gets sick again, its better for him to stay away longer.

So since Keatkeat will not be in school till then, needless to mention his still unwell brother. We had arranged for the school works to be ‘delivered‘ to us…

So Yippee! One has landed on shore safely, two more to go…. this ‘old wooden boat’ had kept its planks tightly joined even through the darkest night and the heaviest storm…. its not going to fall apart… it did not… and it will not!

Naahhh…. actually things are pretty ok now.

Yes, Binbin is still coughing and every spoken sentence is hardly complete without coughs in between. His running nose is still ‘racing’ as well.

Allan’s cough is rather bad, affecting his speech and his appetite too.

But one thing for sure, they are definitely on the mend.