Finally Binbin, 2, knows how to rinse his mouth. He used to drink the water instead of spitting it out. I’m observing for another week or two. If he is really good at rinsing his mouth, then I can introduce brushing with toothpaste.

I feel a great sense of achievement, not for myself, but for the kids, whenever they progress on to taking care of themselves. One day, I know I will not hear :

“Mummy, I want you to brush my teeth….”

“Mummy, I want you to wear my shirt for me….”

“Mummy, help me wear my shoes…..”

“Mummy, feed me…”

“Mummy, I can’t do this, can you do it for me….”

“Mummy, I want you to play cars with me….” and when this day comes, I will really missed these duties that seem to be sucking energy out of me everyday now.

Remembering the time when I was just rubbing his baby gums with a wet handkerchief. Then went on to rub his first tooth. As more teeth appeared, the very first toothbrush came into action. His expression and the twitching of his eyes during his first brush was so funny. Then he asked to try brushing on his own…..

For Keatkeat, my 4-year-old, have ‘completed’ the cycle. He is now an independent little fellow; able to squeeze his strawberry flavoured toothpaste on his Mickey Mouse toothbrush; rinse his mouth twice before he starts brushing in and out, up and down; when his mouth is full of foam, he rinse his mouth clean; washes his toothbrush and finally putting it back on the rack. What a big boy now!

How often we take these little things for granted? Treasure every moment with your child, for before you know it, they are but memories only.