My 4-year-old had his development assessment check at the Polyclinic. His performance for his eye sight was perfect. So far so good, remember my post on my super duper high myopia and how terrified I would be, if it could affect my boys….so no worries for now.

Gentle reminder from the nurse, “Don’t introduce computer games to him till he is 6 years old. Many kids have myopia as high as 300-400 when they reach 5 years old, all because of computer games and too much TV-watching.”

But the biggest words that came out from her mouth was, “Underweight & under-height.”

An average kid of Keatkeat’s age should be at least 107cm tall and weighs 17kg. But Keatkeat is standing at 100cm tall and weighed 15kg.

The nurse checked on Binbin (the 15month younger boy) and made a remark that I hear almost everyday from strangers, “I thought they were twins.”Binbin stand tall at 97cm (3cm shorter than his brother) and weighed 14.5kg (only 0.5kg lighter than his brother). “The younger brother must have been eating his brother’s share of food….” giggled the nurse.

But we know, with Binbin’s eating habits which comprises of so much vegetables and fruits in his diet, its hard that he doesn’t grow faster than other kids of his age.

Binbin passed with flying colours for his 2-3 years old development assessment and all the other on-the-spot tests like ‘name the animal’ and ‘blocks stacking’. Below is the development tracker for 4-6 years old and Keatkeat could do what was beyond his age pretty well, do you know of a child of this age group? Could he/she do these:

Personal Social
45.5mths – Your child uses a friend’s name when referring or speaking to the friend.

51mths – Your child can brush his teeth with some help.

54mths – Your child can dress himself up completely and correctly without help except for tying shoe laces and buttoning or zipping the back of dresses.

Fine Motor-Adaptive
47mths – When shown a picture card of a circle, your child can draw a figure approximating a circle that is closed or very nearly closed.

50mths – When shown a picture of a cross, your child can draw two lines, not necessarily straight exactly, which intersect at any point.

56mths – When shown a picture card of a square, your child can draw a figure with straight lines and with 4 square corners.

57.5/62.5mths – When asked to draw a picture of a boy or girl, your child can draw at least 3 or 6 parts.

52mths – Your child can count from 1 to 10 in correct sequence.

55.5mths – When asked on the functions of a cup, a pencil and a chair, i.e. “What is a cup used for?”, your child can give the correct answers to all 3 questions.

63.5mths – When shown coloured blocks in red, blue, green and yellow one at a time, he can name as least 3 colours correctly.

Gross Motor
41mths – Your child can jump breadth-wise across a piece of A4 size paper, without landing on the paper.

41.5mths – Your child can peddle a tricycle.

53.5mths – Your child can hop at least 2 times in a row, on one foot, without holding to any support.

How did your child fare?