This is a ‘normal pair of shoes’.

This is what my Keatkeat did to them.

Doing it for his little brother, Binbin. The ‘spirit’ of Brotherhood. *smile*

It’s been more than a month. The 2 of them have refused to do it the ‘right’ way back. Whenever I bring Keatkeat to school, those uncles and aunties would say things like:

“Aiyo, he doesn’t know how to wear the shoe properly ah?.”

“Aiyo, as a mother, you should correct him.”

“This is the wrong way of wearing the shoes.”

My reaction? – SMILE.

Yup! That’s all I do. Well, he is not obstructing, offending or hurting anyone. Most importantly, his shoes don’t fall off when he runs, so does it really matter?

I guess it matters alot to these uncles and aunties, ‘cos their grandchild is following the style too! *Laugh*