When you live in a multi-racial, multi-religious country like Singapore, its really hard to fully enjoy a season. It was just Christmas a while agao, and now, the shops are busy changing their stocks from blue-and-white to gold-and-red.

Yes, Chinese New Year is on 26 January 2009. Having a higher number of Chinese population over here, its unmistakably that more people celebrates CNY then Christmas. Well, the truth is: not all Chinese are Christians but MOST Christians are Chinese….

We went to Chinatown today, for a walk, just to see if those temporary CNY shops are up, just to see if the decorations are done, just to be there earlier before the crowd to get into the mood of the longest celebrated season every year.

Personally, I think that Keatkeat and Binbin have very strong legs as compared to kids of their age. I credit it to ‘never-pram and hardly-carry’ days ever since they made their first step.

We walked for 3 hours non-stop. What truly kept them going were their search for a replacement…. for these:-

(These were pictures taken during this year’s CNY in February)pict2436.JPGpict2435.JPG

Those were the mini lion heads we bought for them earlier this year, to greet my PIL when we visited them on the first day of CNY, which made everyone laughed so hard.


Binbin’s orange lion head’s beard and moustache are completely gone, the ‘body’ has been detached from the head long ago. As for Keatkeat’s white lion head, the ears were ripped off months after the above performance.

Allan and I are not very keen on getting them another set. The kids are aware. In a way, they are ‘sensible’. They are willing to compromise for a smaller one. Those that are hand-held, more like a puppet, instead of getting the exact same size as their disfigured Lions lying in that Toy Box together with all their Hot Wheels.

Yes the kids found those puppets, almost half the price of what they own. But the adults played delayed-tactics. Afterall, its still another month away and the parents know their kids too well… they have good intentions in mind, they just want the lions to be still in ‘one-piece’ for the big day on 26 January…. so till the day gets nearer, the family is staying away from shops that look really Red-and-Gold from afar… *wink*