Yesterday, my boys brought back a health declaration letter. We as parents must declare on their behalf that they had not gone overseas recently and that they do not have the H1N1 symptoms.

Another letter wrote, “If your child is having flu, or show signs of H1N1 symptoms, please refrain him for school.”

I completely respect this sentence. But this sentence also brings me headaches.

As most of you know Keatkeat’s sinus pattern. Its a morning attack every single day. But when he is out from school, 4hours later, he is good as new.

So every morning he sneezes on the way to school, mucus and all. We are used to it and even the new teachers have noticed it too. But now with this H1N1 alert going on, the measures are more stringent in school and one of the teacher advised that we do not bring him to school if he is sneezing.


What then?! That IS how my boy IS everyday! So does that mean he should skip school till these epidemic alerts and preventive measures are called off?!!!!! What if it doesn’t for the next one month, 3 months, one year?!


I am NOT angry with the school. I am at a lost.

The letter was given yesterday. I brought my sneezing boy to school late this morning, away from the eyes of the other parents. The parents of Keatkeat’s’ classmates are pretty extreme. From some of my previous posts about them, you should know more or less.

Hence, I let the teacher decide if she would allow my ‘Ah-Cheeee’ boy in. She did. So I thought I’ll continue to do that then: Reporting 1-2mins later than usual to avoid unnecessary confrontation.

As if it was heaven’s will, we went cycling in the late afternoon today and met Keatkeat’s English teacher, Miss W, on the way back. We chatted. She told me 8 were down with high fever last week and 5 this week (so far) in Keatkeat’s class.

As if she can read my mind, she said, “I know Cheng Keat has sinus, just like my younger son. So long as he does not have fever, we will allow him in.”