Your favourite teacher called your name
Smartly you walked
With pride you took the certificate
A smile at the camera
And it ends your Preschool life
Another milestone accomplished

The curtain opened
On stage you appeared, looking composed
So different from my heart, racing at speed madness
Xylophone and you were one body
Music to my ears, hymns to my spirit

The music began, you danced out from behind the curtain
An emotion so strong, it brought tears

Happiness, Sadness, Pride and Gratitude
Mixed feelings drove my mind through a journey of instant flashback of your “First Day(s)”
As calm as a mill pond, you stepped into Nursery
As happy as a lark, you entered the K1 class
As cool as a cucumber, you said “Good Morning” to your K2 teacher

Good Bye “Little Wings”
Thank you for teaching my son how to take flight and soar beyond the skies…