Keatkeat: “Mommy, how do you make me a boy?”

Me: (Acting as if I don’t understand) “What do you mean?”

KK: “When I come out of your tummy, how did I become a boy?”

Me: “Well, Papa & Mommy think and Think and THINK really hard for you to become a boy. And so you did become a boy….” (Winked at Allan)

KK: “Oh! So you and Papa did not think very hard for a girl because girls are troublesome, right?!”

Me: *Huge Laugh* “Yes, yes…yes…” *Laugh*

I’m sorry girls… I agreed! *laugh*


Binbin: “Mommy, Look!”



*Hop* He hopped thrice on one leg before crumpling down on the floor.

Me : *Smile* *clap clap clap* Though he has done it so many times, I am still not sick of showing that little excitement as if he was doing it for the first time.

Binbin: “Mommy, I’m so clever, right?! I’m only 3 years old and I can hop on one leg. When I am 4 years old (with his head slightly tilted upwards), I can hop with NO LEGS ah !”

Me : “Huh? No Legs?!”

Binbin : “Yes, No-pi-li-nope! No legs! I can hop with my HANDS and my BACKSIDE!!!”

And he attempted to do it. But failed.

Binbin: “Aiya! I can’t do it now because I’m not 4 years old yet!”

*Huge Laugh*