I’m excited or even elated to meet Binbin’s teacher next Friday in the teachers-parents meeting session. I’m truly curious to know what my tempremental boy was like when he was surrounded by strangers in the first month; and now by ‘fans‘ after 5months in School.

I’m not bragging, but my boy is so famous that everyone in his class knows his name by the end of first week in the beginning of this year. How come? I wondered all the time…

Later did I found out that its because of his expressive nature that he is often called upon in class, way too frequent, so much so that the two words “Cheng Bing” has subconsciously been implanted into the other students’ head.

Whenever he appears, his ‘fans‘ would come to the door and greet with glee, “Halooo Cheng Bing!” together with a mad hand wave; or “Cheng Bing is here, Cheng Bing is here…” As if Adam Lambert has just stepped down the stage to meet his audience. *laugh* Naaahhhh… that’s a little exaggerating… more like half of Adam’s power. *wink*

When its time to go, his classmates would keep chanting “Bye bye Cheng Bing” non-stop till my boy waved back. Its funny and rather disappointing that my boy doesn’t know their names!!! *laugh*

Till this day, he could only name me 5 friends and they are from his group. Other than that, nope! Not a clue.

A couple of days ago was even more surprising when a few of Keatkeat’s classmates called out to Binbin. “Cheng Bing! Cheng Bing! That’s Cheng Keat’s brother.”

Allan and I exchanged looks, Allan asked: “How in the world did that know Binbin’s name?” We thought, maybe it was Keatkeat ‘promoting‘ his brother to his classmates. But after checking with my elder one, we were wrong!

So how did Binbin, a Nursery boy shined his name into the class of Kindergarten 2???! That remains a mystery!

So next Friday, I’ll keep my ears peeled and listen to all that the teacher has to say about my 4year old Binbin. I’m sooooooo looking forward….*wink*