Oh Cool!

I just ended a phone call with Binbin’s teacher.

“Hi, is that Zen’s Mommy? It was a last minute decision from the school to include a nursery dance performance for the Kindergarten 2 graduation ceremony. Only 6 would be selected from the nursery class. So I thought of calling you first. Would you agree to let Zen perform?”

Maybe I’m using my selective listening cells more than the rational ones…. I reckon the 2nd last sentence as a COMPLIMENT!*wink*

Ok, I could be bias here; but when I compare Binbin with his other school mates during their 1st Public Dance Performance (see video here and you be the judge), I think he did really well. All his actions were clear and so was the timing.

I had said “Yes!” and so Binbin will be joining Keatkeat as a performer for Keatkeat’s graduation ceremony. Whoo-hoo! I’m a proud Mommy!