My boys are back in school today. Our intended date was next Monday, but since today is Keatkeat’s English Teacher’s last day, its probably better to bring the day forward. With so much to adapt to, we don’t want to add anymore stress to the new teacher with Keatkeat’s 2 weeks of homework to sort out.

Binbin is also back in school so that he could bid farewell to his Chinese Teacher. My boys ‘share’ the SAME Chinese Teacher, who will be leaving tomorrow.

I’m so glad that the teacher eventually told me that they were leaving, if not, my boys wouldn’t get to say goodbye nor be ‘formally’ introduced to the new teachers.


I might have underestimated Binbin’s immunity system. He had no signs of Chicken Pox at all. Is it too early to tell? Maybe, maybe not. *shrugged shoulders*


I have officially took over the ENTIRE teaching responsibility yesterday. I couldn’t stand it anymore. It used to be Allan for Mandarin and I will take care of English and Maths. Allan doesn’t have much patience (from the eating requirements he imposed on Keatkeat, you’ll know).

Whenever he teaches Keatkeat, he’ll scream and slam the table, sometimes when his mood is already terrible before the lesson began, the whole house can shake and my boy will be in tears.

I don’t want my boy to have phobia in any subject because of the ‘teacher’. Its just the beginning of his 13-18 years of school life, I don’t want the fear of any subject to hinder him from learning with an open mind.

So now, the only thing he could do ‘freely’ with the kids is play, when he is the mood, that is. *eyes rolled* Or else, he’ll just be an ‘on-call’ assistant to me. Maybe I have changed alot after kids came into our life. I want my kids to be happy, to be loved, to be stress-free, cos I DIDN’T GROW UP THAT WAY!!!!

Hence, subconsciously I have a “I don’t care who you are. Do what you want to me, DON’T YOU DARE DO IT to MY CHILD.” Too protective? I don’t think so. ‘cos if my child is in the wrong, I’ll shut up. But if he is not, YOU’LL HAVE TO SHUT THE HELL UP!

*details of the fight between A and I are over here.