Although KeatKeat and BinBin are no where near 5 year old, but I have seen so many 5-year-olds displaying the following characteristics, through my 3 years of helping out in a Child Care Centre, My nieces Cheng Han and Cheng Yee and my nephew Matin.

Seriously, I can’t wait till my boys are five, cos’ I am already so amazed by the little things they do and say everyday….I can’t imagine what more Fascinating Things the can do when they are 5.

Language Skills As they are good in language skills now, children love to talk, tell stories and quiz adults with wild questions.

High Initiative Five-year-olds are usually the first to start a conversation or to try new things.

Vigorous and Noisy Group Games Noisy and vigorous, these children enjoy games and play in groups of their own age.

Need for Approval Approval and acceptance are all important at this stage, so there is a definite desire to please and cooperate with both parents and teachers.

Sense of Responsibilities They feel ‘grown-up’ when they perform little tasks and duties and are always eager to help mum and dad to things like setting the table or washing the car.

Tips for Handling Five-year-olds

  • Plan time for conversation with your child. Read stories together. Encourage them to tell stories or share jokes with one another.
  • Recognise good work and reward them appropriately.
  • Organise games for their participation and do encourage them to join in group games. Put aside watching TV and get them out for the exercise they need.
  • Provide children with responsibilities in the house such as setting the table, drying dishes, picking toys, etc.

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