Personally that’s very true for my boys.

My 2-year-old Binbin shits on a daily basis and can complete his big business in less than a minute. He gives you the not-too-soft, not-too-hard, yet perfectly shaped kind-of shit. All you need is just 2 wipes and he is ready to put on his pants again.

Binbin’s personality is very much like that too. Very easily satisfied, fast in his actions and always on the go.

Unlike my 4-year-old Keatkeat. He is always wishy-washy. Could not really make up his mind on most things. He is the gentle kind of boy.

And his shit is just like him (sad to say). Keatkeat shits on alternate days, sometimes once in 3 days. He takes about 5-10 minutes to get his shit out. When he is completed. His output is super soft and irregular with lots left sticking on his anus.

He usually to wipe his bottom for 15-20 times before he is completely clean! Today, he broke his own record. He wiped 30 times and its still not clean!!! I could not believe my count and so decided to put a stop to it myself.

I had to wipe for another 5 times before I can get a completely clean toliet paper after leaving his hole. Its really unbelievable! Right after that, he told me that his hole hurts. Whose wouldn’t hurt after 35 wipes!

In the end, I still need to apply Zambak for him to make him fell better. *Sigh*

Does your shit tells alot about you too?