It is never easy to be a teacher. I know that because I was one before. When you are facing a class of 30 noisy kids, sometimes your sense of judgement and observation can go haywire.

Keatkeat complained to me that his classmate J.D. who queues behind him keeps stepping on the back of his shoes, resulting my boy to trip a few times.

According to Keatkeat….

First day, he questioned J.D., “Why do you keep stepping on my shoe?”

J.D. : “Because you walk too slow.”

Then Keatkeat tries to walk as close to his classmate who queues INFRONT of him, to ‘prove‘ that he is not walking too slow, but J.D. continues to step on Keatkeat’s shoes.

Second day, Keatkeat was pissed, “Stop stepping on my shoes!”

J.D.: “Who ask you  to walk so slow?”

Keatkeat: “I am walking very fast already! Look! I am already walking so closely to him (pointing at his classmate queuing infront of him). If I walk faster, I am going to knock onto him.”

J.D.: “Still too slow.”

Third day, Keatkeat followed my instructions and went to tell his teacher the moment J.D. stepped on him, but the teacher did NOT do anything at all and asked Keatkeat to get back in line.

After 3 consecutive days of such stepping from J.D. and as a result of constant tripping, Keatkeat had hurt the nerves under his right foot and now he is limping.

Today is the fourth day, I told Keatkeat to suggest to his teacher about switching J.D. with him. Meaning Keatkeat should queue behind J.D. instead. “So that I can take revenge?!” Keatkeat exclaimed.

“No!!! Why do you have such thoughts?” I was disappointed.

Keatkeat: “Then why should I queue behind him?”

Me: “So that he will NOT be able to step on your shoes anymore. As simple as that.”

If the teacher refused to make the change, then he leaves me no choice but to write a formal letter to him to get THIS fixed.

Teachers complain that parents nowadays are too complain-y and parents complain that teachers have a could-not-be-bothered attitude.

Well, both have their reasons for doing what they do, so no point arguing on that.

But to me, if my child has already made a conscious effort to tell you (teacher) and you still choose to ignore the issue twice or more, then I, as a parent, have no choice but to step in.

I know Keatkeat well, if one provokes him too much, too often, this boy do throw punches and I do not want to wait till that to happen before I step in. I think 4 days of such nonsense must be stopped.

Enough is Enough.

Both have their reasons