It was a proud moment for Keatkeat today.

He was so happy, he rattled on the moment he saw me when I went to fetch him from school today, “Mummy, why did you say that ONLY Maths can get full marks? I got full marks for my English! English can get full marks too!
My English teacher said that I am the ONLY ONE who got full marks for the English (trial) Exam Paper in my class. And because of that, she used my paper to help the whole class to do corrections.
You see,
(pointing at the red markings and yellow highlights made on his English (trial) Exam Paper) these were written by my English teacher. She drew on my paper to explain to the class and I just sit back and listen, don’t need to do anything.”

Me: “Well, I said Mathematics is the ONLY subject that can score full marks because, so long as you do your workings correctly and get the answer right, you will get your marks.
Unlike English and Chinese, because the languages test you on Comprehension. Different teacher has different standards, so some may not like the way you phrase your sentence and would deduct points. So it is more difficult to get full marks for English and Chinese papers.
I did not say it was impossible! But you did something that I have never achieved before! I have scored full marks for Maths paper when I was a kid, but never for any other papers! So Great Job, Keat!
(squeezing him like a teddy bear…) I am sooooooo proud of you!” *Grin*


Alright, so now he got full marks for his English (trial) Exam Paper, let’s see how well he would score for his ACTUAL English Exam Paper this Friday. *fingers and toes crossed*

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English Exam Paper (Trial)