Today marks the day I threw in the towel…..

I had been a tuition teacher for English and Maths in the past. Though the syllabus has changed, but the approach to make a child, who is NOT interested in these two subjects, becomes interested in them remains the same.

As most of you (my faithful readers) know, I am NOT an academic-oriented Mummy. Yes, its the LEAST thing I talk about. However, I had to touch on this topic today.

We met Keatkeat’s teachers during the meet-the-parent session during May and his teacher gave us some tips on how to tackle every subject.

He said: “For language, speak proper English/Chinese, read more and converse more.”

“For Maths, its constant practise.”

“For Science, its exposure and observation. From his results, it is his MCQs that pulled his overall marks down. For P3, its best to grab the points from MCQs for those weak in this subject. “

So for the latter, I took his advise and bought 2 assessment books purely on MCQs only. Tried it out on Keatkeat for Term 3. In the end, there was no difference. He just does not have enough exposure. He passed his Science paper by 5 marks.

I had NEVER agreed to give tuition for Science before, even though I got A1 for this subject during my Secondary school days. For me, I know how to do well for Science, but I do not know how to teach Science, so I will always reject parents who ask me to teach their kids the subject.

Knowing is one thing. Teaching is another thing altogether.

I know my limit. When I am NOT up to it, I admit.

So I threw in the towel today and signed him up for Science Tuition for Term 4. A place highly recommended by Allan’s friend,
Well, the class will start only after the September school holidays.
I am not hoping for a miracle, when I take such last minute remedy, I just hope he can pass the year end Science paper…

*fingers and toes crossed*


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