This year, being a Primary 2 kid, the Chinese language teacher has started the ‘intense’ way to Study Chinese. Every other day, Keatkeat had to rewrite an entire Chinese story.

Though it can be hair-pulling when there are countless times Allan and I had to remind him to “Write the words Smaller!” (he is always writing out of the given box for each Chinese character), I still think that this is one of the best way to help any child to learn how to write and recognise frequently used Chinese words.

Key to learning any language: Read more, Write more and Speak more.

Studying Chinese  is more like a ‘no-choice-subject’ to Keatkeat. Not much of an interest, but thank goodness, having a patient Chinese teacher did help in his studies for this subject.

Since the school is doing the ‘tough’ part, I continued to do the ‘soft’ part, which is to increase his interest in studying Chinese with this:


Shi-Wan-Ge-Wei-Shen-Me, direct translation to English would be “100,000 Whys”, was something that I grew up with. Watching cartoons is what most kids love, so I decided to try out what used to work for me when I was a kid, on my boys.


I fell in love with this cartoon when I was a kid because I am always inquisitive and asking questions. Sad to say, few could be answered by the adults around me back then. But they were clearly answered by ‘Professor Tortise’ in the cartoon. I still remember treating him like my idol… *laugh*


The set comes with a book with written English and Chinese for every story told in the DVDs. It also comes with cute bookmarks too *smile*



We bought the Shi-Wan-Ge-Wei-Shen-Me (Tell Me Why?) from Popular Bookshop back in 2009 when they were having a promotion. The photos were taken back then too. (Just in case you noticed the change in Keatkeat’s features.)

Even though after so long, I still continue to play the DVDs for my boys. Well, simply because it helps his science too… *smile*

Did you buy this to help your child to Study Chinese too?