Allan and I are really impressed with Keatkeat’s amazing improvement in his Term 2 results.

Few things I want to highlight:

  1. We were so happy with his results, we forgot to ask why we were not informed of the exam dates. *faint*
  2. Comparing previous results in term 1: Maths WAS 76/100, NOW its 96/100Super! Chinese WAS 44/80, NOW its 71/80. Awesome! *clap clap clap*
  3. He just managed to get pass the borderline for Chinese Listening Comprehension. Which the teacher thinks that he was probably back to his dreamy self during the test. Which I have no intention to disagree. *pout*
  4. Keatkeat WAS in the ‘inferior’ class for Chinese lessons over the past one and a half month. During the teachers-meet-parents session on Wednesday, his Chinese teacher told us that he’s results are too good to remain in this ‘inferior’ class, thus he will be back to the ‘normal’ class once school reopens in late June.

We are worried that he may not be able to keep up with the pace in the ‘normal’ class again. So we requested Keatkeat to remain in this ‘inferior’ class, but the teacher refused and said that we have to maintain his standard.

She explained that no matter how bad his future results would be, he would NOT be allowed to join the ‘inferior’ class ever again.

So now we have lots of work to do on Keatkeat…..

What impressed me the most was This: A story sum project was given as part of the examination, which affects the Term 2 Results.
The students need to create their own problem sums by looking at the picture and the helping words.



Pretty tough and pretty cool idea isn’t it? I love it! And Keatkeat did well for this too. *Grin*

*clap clap clap*


With the end of this teachers-meet-parents session, starts the beginning of a one month long school break.

His teacher did warn us that term 3 would be much more difficult because they would be taking some of the Primary 2 English questions to test on the Primary 1 students.

Man! This is sooooooooo challenging isn’t it? *biting nails*

So to kick start this new teaching method, when school reopens in late June, the Primary one students’ weekly spelling would include Dictation.

So gear up Keatkeat and get ready to rock and roll boy….. *wink*