Today is the best day to post this. As I recall what it was like on this day in 2003. Contractions started. My first child was giving signals that he was ready to meet me in person.

When the clock strikes 12 in less than 5mins, we would be saying “Happy 8th Birthday, Keatkeat”

My future bro-in-law had this ‘old’ video of Keatkeat when he was 2 years old and the recording dated: 3/23/2006 12:55am

There was this short period of time when Allan and I used to sell handphone casing and accessories. The moment we decided to remove that product from our retail list, those leftovers became Keatkeat’s toys.

And because we often end our retail business after 10.30pm, have our quick late dinner, which I usually call it ‘dinper’ (dinner + supper), drive to my in-law’s place to pick up my boys before we head home; by then, its usually after 12midnight.

So its not surprising at all that this video was taken at 12.55am.

The quality of the video may seem horrible now, but I am thankful that during that time, video on phone was made possible. Or else we would not be able to view my cute first born in action again this day.

Thank you future bro-in-law! *Grin*

Memory Flash Back ~ Keatkeat 2 years old