This is my boys’ latest craze! I am not a big fan of the cartoon but I, like my 3 other males in the family, simply cannot resist singing the Theme Song. If you have heard it once, you would have that tune ringing in your head for hours!

We are sooooooooooooo crazy over the song, we searched for ‘Chuggington Theme Song Lyrics’ on Google and here it is:


You can sing it together with the video below…

WARNING: Make sure NO one is in front of you, or else he/she may get a free Saliva Facial Wash from you. *Laugh*

***Updated on 6th July 2012: Based on a number of comments below, mentioning that there is an error in the lyrics above, which I took from YouTube. Commenters below said that the correct lyrics should be “Hauling Loads, pickups to make