“Mummy! There’s a playground. Can we go there and play?” Kitkit asked.
“Ya! Ya! Can???” Binbin pestered.

Me: “Go…..”
Boys: “Yeah! Thank you Mummy!”

After a short while, Allan asked if they could try doing Pull-Ups!
Oooo….it was too difficult for my 8 and 9 year old boys.
So Allan suggested ‘Hang On’ instead.

Amazingly, Binbin did very well for his first attempt and it got better and better with every try.
Bear in mind that HE WAS DOING THE COUNTING too, and that takes up some energy from him.
Why did we NOT do the counting for him?
Oh well, he wanted to do the counting on his own, it was his choice.
But I think he would be able to hang on for a longer time, if he had saved his energy from counting…..

Among all the tries, this is HIS PERSONAL BEST on his FIRST DAY, 3rd October 2013 [Thursday], doing the Hang On.

Each of us tried too…..oh yes…including me! *laugh*
Felt so clumsy hanging up there with my legs swinging like crazy.
Needless to say, I’ve got the lowest score.

But it was really fun doing this as a family….with other parents (at the playground) watching and smiling at us…..

Do you have an 8 year old too?
How Long Can Your 8 Year Old do the ‘Hang On’ while doing the counting at the same time?




How Long Can Your 8 Year Old Hang On?