How To Create a Sound Bomb
My boys were so excited to teach how to create a sound bomb after they learned it in one of the school holiday classes I signed them up for. So I thought, I might as well film it down. *wink*

If only Keatkeat could prevent doing all his bad habits,  (mentioned in this post “Does Your Child have these Bad Habits“) eg. frequent blinking, twitching of his body…, this video would have been flawless. Oh well, it IS Keatkeat at his most natural self, what more can I say. *eyes rolled*

Here’s what Keatkeat said:

“Today I am going to teach you how to make a sound bomb. First, you just need a pencil and a paper. First, you fold the paper into half, just like a paper aeroplane. But it is not a paper aeroplane.

Then after that, you must do this. You must fold one side first and after that, next, you just need to fold it half. Corners to corners. (Mumble mumble) Yup! And its done.

But before we finish it, we must use a pencil and to poke it. You must let the hole be very big or else you can’t make a bomb. The bigger the better. And after that, you do this. Put two fingers here, like this, and put the triangle there. The smaller the triangle is the better. But it is not too small.

Whenever you do this, you must make sure you see a heart-shape, like this. And now… the sound bomb is like this.

Thank you.”


Binbin and Keatkeat had slightly different understanding of how the sound bomb is created. So here’s Binbin’s version:-

Binbin was so nervous, his English sentence structure was in a mess! *laugh*

Here’s what Binbin said:

“Today I’m going to teach you about a bomb sound with make with paper. And remember to only fold one line up here not both lines. Then you fold half again like this.

Then you push this down with two fingers like this, then you just smack it DOWN!

Thank you and Bye Bye for now.”


Both were trying to correct each other after the video was taken, but I told them, “Its not how you do it, its that you have succeeded in doing it. Both sound bombs worked didn’t? That’s all that matters.”


How To Create a Sound Bomb