More than a month ago, I mentioned about a workshop which my boys attended. The results achieved after the 2 days workshop made my parenting life so much easier. See blog post “Your Child Needs This

Ever since that blog post went live, I received emails of all sorts, but one question came up quite often: “Is This For Special Needs Children too?”

My answer is “Yes and No”.

No, I am not trying to be cheeky. *laugh* Let me explain.

If your child has:

  1. ADHD
  2. ADD
  3. ASD
  4. DCD
  5. SID
  6. Dyslexia
  7. Seizure
  8. Global Delayed
  9. Learning Disability
  10. Speech/Visual/Hearing impaired

do let me know.

I would arrange for a private meeting for you and your child with the Chief Trainer. I understand that many parents with special needs children have their personal concerns and would prefer to have a one-to-one session than join the crowd in the Preview.

After the one-to-one session with the Chief Trainer, she will be able to assess your child and let you know if your child is suitable for the workshop. The Chief Trainer is someone with a Big Heart and has many years of experience with special needs children.

So you can rest assure that she knows what she is doing. You will be there with your child during the one-to-one session, so you can ask all the questions you want. *smile*

Which is why my answer to that question is “Yes and No”. “Yes” your child with special needs can join the workshop when the Chief Trainer says “Yes”; and “No” when the Chief Trainer thinks otherwise after the assessment.

I thought it would be good to do a proper post to address this question which kept popping up after “Your Child Needs This” blog post was posted.


With that said, I came across this video of an Autistic teenager, Carly Fleischmann, and sincerely hope in my heart that one day, all parents with Autistic kids would be able to truly understand the world that their child is in.

Now that her book ‘Carly’s Voice‘ is published, I think it will help many parents with Autistic kids.

Meet Carly….