Make sure your child is not about to drink his or her milk after he or she watches the following video.

KeatKeat and Binbin went crazy after watching about 8 videos from the ‘Weird and Wonderful’ series on All thanks to their Papa’s awesome introduction! *eyes rolled*

They laughed uncontrollably for a loooooooong time! As if someone has locked them in a room filled with laughing gas! *faint*

The last video they watched was this before I forced them to stop watching. It was already 11pm and they were laughing and giggling at TOP Volume! I would not want my neighbours to make a call to 999 man!

So off I sent them for the milk-before-bed. In the end, Keatkeat had his first sip into his cup and giggled so hard, the Milk CAME OUT OF HIS NOSE!!!
*Super Faint*