Crucial Updates for Previous 3 Blogposts


3 previous blogposts BADLY needed a Conclusion to complete the story.

So did Binbin get to do his Show and Tell….eventually?

What about the badly managed kids soccer training….still on?

Did Kitkit get scolded by his teacher….ultimately?

Yes, these were questions asked by friends and relatives who were concerned or curious to find out after the respective posts were published: ~

27th February ~ “A Dramatic ‘Show and Tell‘ ”

10th March ~ “First Soccer Training ~ Complete Disappointment

15th March ~ “You Expect Me To Lie?


Let me get them off my chest one at a time…..

After the mad rush under the heavy downpour, just to get a replacement item for Binbin’s “Show and Tell”, did he even get to use it?

NO!!!!!! *faint*

The teacher was extremely busy when Binbin went back to school on Monday. Oh! I forgot to mention that his two days of MC was NOT ENOUGH. He did not get any better after the medication from Polyclinic.

If I did not remember wrongly, this is the 3rd or 4th time whereby the medication from Polyclinic does not work on my children. Not Binbin only, but Kitkit as well.

As a result, we had to spend money and time again to go to a private clinic to seek second opinion and collect another set of different medication.

Therefore, instead of having a 2 days MC, he had 3 days MC: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

When Binbin got back to school on Monday, he told me that his teacher was so busy that he dumped a set of worksheets to the class to work on, while he kept going in and out of the classroom.

It was the same for the next few days. When Binbin went up to ask him when can he should do his “Show and Tell”, the teacher said “Tomorrow.“.

But tomorrow never came.

Now that he received back his report card for Term 1, its affirmative that his “Show and Tell” has become “No Show, No Tell.”

All of that hectic running here and there….in the end….fruitless. *eyes rolled*



We waited till 15th March, yesterday morning and NOBODY from the Kids Soccer Training management called.

In order NOT to let them use the same excuse of “After office hours already, so we can’t call you….”, Allan decided to call them.

The moment the other side picked up the call, he said, “Oh! I was about to call you, to tell you that there will be no training till further notice.”

We were both thinking “REALLY?????!!!!! You wanted to CALL us????!!!” *eyes rolled*

I’m sorry, maybe we are bias or have prejudice against them after our first meet up ended so badly.

HOURS after Allan ended that phone call, I received this message from them :

We gave up on them and went on to Plan B.
That is to join another Kids Soccer Training class which had been going on for several years, but its much further away from our home.

We rather travel longer than disappoint Binbin further.

Immediately after Allan hung up the phone yesterday, I called up my friend, whose son had been going for the training there, to get the phone number of the coach.

A great conversation went on and the next training is……. today!

The excitement was contagious and everyone was feeling the hype. So much so that Kitkit, who was not joining at first, ended up doing last minute soccer-boots-shopping in Johor Bahru yesterday, after their school ended. *faint*

It was such a last minute decision that we ended up dashing from one shop to another to find a pair which Kitkit fancy, just 20mins before they close for the day. *pant*

So did I.
Had a great chatting session with my friend while the boys sweat it out on the field.




They joined the Lowest Age Group team. Little did Coach know that Kitkit, being a Primary 4 boy, should be in another team. Thanks to his ‘height’. *laugh* So today might probably be the first and last time that Kitkit get to train with his brother in the same group.

Well, will be registering them officially in April. So for now, its just kick-for-fun. *wink*

Being in the youngest group, its so entertaining to see cute faces doing their ‘magic‘ in the field.


To me, this group is the cutest to watch. Unlike the other groups with older kids who spread out themselves during the football match, this pack of young kiddos with the youngest only in K2, were playing the  where-the-ball-goes-I-go type of soccer! So much so that the whole group collapse on each other. *laugh*

Not only did the audience giggled, my dear Kitkit laughed till he dropped…..literally!!!

*Huge Laugh*

Did they have fun!
100% Positive!
Even though Binbin complained about muscle ache just before he went to bed, he said it with chuckles.

*Thumbs Up*


I am a strong believer of mind power, some call it the Law of Attraction; and I had been sharing this with my boys since young.

Kitkit did not want to be scolded by the teacher after I refused to “Lie because of his mistake“.

He told me he chanted in his heart “Cannot Get Scolded. Cannot Get Scolded……” after we left home till his teacher stepped into the classroom and demanded that particular homework to be handed in.

Majority of the class responded “My Mummy very busy, no time to read with me.” “My parents work until very late. They got no time.”

Because of the outcry, the teacher said, “Ok, nevermind. After the March holidays, you will receive another one. Hopefully your parents will be able to ready with you by then.”

Kitkit was OVER THE MOON!!!!!!

His mind is INDEED Powerful! His “Cannot Get Scolded” chanting REALLY Worked for him!



With that, ends my update for these 3 blogposts :~

Have an Awesome Bonding Time with your children this March School Holidays!
We definitely will !!!! As the kids will be experiencing their very first Plane Ride, for our 5days 4nights trip, in less than 40hours! *wink*



Crucial Updates for Previous 3 Blogposts

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“I can’t wait for Sunday to come!!!” chanted Binbin several times a day ever since he bought the soccer boots and shin guards.

Finally, Sunday came and it was HORRIBLE!

Not the weather.
Not the health of the young soccer player.
But the way the training was managed.

First, the person was more than 15mins late.
Leaving anxious parents and kids sitting under the hot sun, at the open stadium, waiting for the coach to appear.

In the end, it was a guy with t-shirts and pants who greeted us reluctantly, “We could not book the pitch. So there is no training today.”

“What?!?!” was everybody’s reaction.

Can you believe that???!!!

Isn’t that the simplest and MOST important thing to do????!!!

“We realised it only on Friday.” he continued in his monotonous tone.

A father asked with a big frown on his face, “You realised it on Friday and you did not bother to call any of us?! And made us come all the way here?!”

“It was past office hours. So we did not call.” he replied without any apologetic tone in his voice.

*Super Eyes Rolled*

Binbin was so excited that he had no problem waking up at 7am. Even though every Sunday used to be his sleep-late-day till about 9am.

The most agitated one was Kitkit who had to wake up early because of his brother’s super early soccer training scheduled at 8am every Sunday. We intended to let him train for his school’s NAFA test, while his younger brother was at the soccer practice.

The worst part now is, this guy cannot even confirm if the soccer training for next Sunday is on or off!!!

How ridiculous is that?!
Surely this ‘project‘ was not brought up on Friday only.
Its been a topic for weeks!
How could you NOT book the pitch for a soccer practice?!

Extremely pissed!

Made the kids wake up so early on a non-school day.
Gave them all the excited and anticipation.
In the end, the pitch was NOT even booked in the first place!

*Super Eyes Rolled*

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