Remedy for my Child’s Flat Foot and Pronation ~ Part 3


It was time again for the half-yearly review of my child’s flat foot and pronation. For those who have no idea what am I talking about, may refer to the related posts below:

Remedy for my Child’s Flat Foot and Pronation
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With the new pair of insoles, slightly longer than the first pair, Kitkit’s flat foot, or should I say flat feet are totally rectified!
*clap clap clap*

Let’s look at the progression……….

September last year:
 photo insole3_zps3794c088.jpg


2nd March 2013:
 photo flat-foot4_zps000511f3.jpg


28th August 2013:
 photo flat-foot5_zpsfe44b297.jpg


Scan taken on 27th February 2014:
 photo FlatFeet28Feb2014_zps20ff990d.jpg

As seen in the last picture above, the CENTER part of Kitkit’s feet were totally lifted OFF the scanning box when he was doing the scan. When you compare the very first photo taken on September last year, whereby almost 95% of his feet were flat on the scanning box, the result is really pleasing as it was right on track!

I am EXTREMELY HAPPY because Kitkit did NOT follow the rule of wearing the insoles for 6 hours EVERY DAY.
He wears it whenever he is in his school shoes or sports shoes.
But there were days, especially during weekends and school holidays, when he wore slippers most of the time, thus his feet were not guided by the insoles during those days.

We were told that if we do not adhere to this rule of wearing the insoles 6 hours daily, the time needed to improve Kitkit’s flat feet and pronation will be prolonged.

18th months to rectify Kitkit’s flat feet (by applying that golden rule) was what we were told during our first visit to the counter. Yet, without following it, Kitkit’s flat feet were still able to be corrected as scheduled! I am SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!
As his flat feet’s condition improved over the past 1 and a half year, I also noticed that Kitkit does not lose his balance as often as last time, thus reducing the chances of injuries. *Super Grin*

Just in case you are wondering how were Kitkit’s feet being scanned, well, I took a photo.

There is a handle bar infront of him and he is supposed to hold it to help himself to balance, while his knees were bent.
With knees bent and body straight up, the scan will begin.
One foot at a time.
The photo below shows Kitkit’s right foot being scanned.


 photo FlatFeet28Feb2014-1_zps58303810.jpg


Now that Kitkit’s flat feet had been corrected, the focus will be shifted towards fixing his pronation.
From the photo taken last month, the INNER PARTS, near the ankle area is still very black/dark.
That is the sign of pronation.

Once again, his insoles were left behind for the staff to do amendments, to target the right area.
Each time, after the cost-free amendments were done, I would ask Kitkit if he feels uncomfortable or differently.
The answer is always “No. Feels the same.”
The changes made to the insoles were so subtle, yet, each review scan proves that something major was done to the feet. AMAZING!
*Thumbs Up*

The staff did prepare us mentally that pronation will take a longer time to rectify compared to flat foot.
*Deep Breath*
Let’s see how it goes from here…..



Remedy for my Child’s Flat Foot and Pronation ~ Part 3

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Injured in School


Never liked to receive phone calls from teachers WHEN my child is still in school.
From past experiences, it usually spells trouble….

12th February 2014, Wednesday.
Binbin’s teacher called.
My heart dropped after his 4th word: “Zane’s hand was hurt when……”

I think he was expecting me to yell (when I didn’t say anything at all) ‘cos he kept saying: “Don’t worry Don’t worry, its not serious….”
I just asked: “Left or right hand?”
I continued: “So he is able to write with his right hand. That’s fine. Does he want to come home?”
Phone was passed to Binbin.
I asked: “Binbin, is it very painful?”
Binbin: “Yes..”
Me: “Did you cry?”
Binbin: “Of cos NOT!”
Me: “Do you want to come home?”
Binbin: “No.”
Phone passed back to the teacher.
I wonder if my CALMNESS made the teacher felt uneasy.
‘Cos he continued to elaborate about the blood, about the washing with saline, about the door knob was not rusty….. as if waiting for some negative response from me, but I just said: “Ok.”
Maybe I am the CALMEST parent (he had encountered) when such phone call is made…..

Well, to me, accidents are NORMAL, its part and parcel of life, so long as it was NOT intentionally caused by someone else.

Most of you would have read the above in my Facebook status on that day.
Some of you showed concern and asked how did the accident happened exactly.
Alright, here’s the full story:

Binbin’s teacher told Binbin to ‘recall‘ some classmates back from another classroom, to join the rest of the class, before they could be dismissed for recess.
Binbin ran out of his own classroom and into another classroom. According to my 8 year old, he did not know why he raised his left hand while running into the 2nd classroom.
The left wrist brushed across the metal piece that was on the door frame. That metal piece which the door knob meets when the door is closed.
The result?
A cut that was pretty deep on the side of his wrist….






I bought a BIG medicated plaster for him that very day and it healed quite well while my boy was sleeping that night. I had to get a BIGger medicated plaster for him as the ones at home were too small/short to cover the long slit.
However, as the skin near the injured area was still tender, whenever he moved his wrist, the skin would pull the wound and hence he will feel some pain and will stop whatever that he was doing and hold onto his bandaged wrist gently as if comforting it…..


13th February 2014, Thursday.
Binbin went to school with the BIG medicated plaster on, in case he brushed his wrist across something again and injured the wound once more.
I was curious to SEE what was the ‘thing‘ which injured Binbin.
So, I went to the school and managed to get a picture of it:





When Binbin came back from school in the afternoon, “Mummy, Mr. C. asked you to bring me to the doctor and claim insurance from school.”

Both Allan and I think that it was UNnecessary, as the wound is healing well (though slow) with the self-purchased medicated plaster from Watsons. Unless I can claim that too. *laugh*
Binbin is taking it very well and he does not have much complain about the wound anymore, so we did not do as what the teacher had suggested.


14th February 2014, Friday.
Surprisingly, Mr. C. spotted us near the hawker centre after school hours and RAN towards us while CALLING “Zane! Zane!”.
Once again, Binbin’s teacher said: “Since Zane was injured in school, he can claim from the school insurance. Just bring him to the doctor, pass us the receipt and we can process the claim for him.”

From his tone, I cannot help but feel that he felt guilty towards Binbin’s injury.
Afterall, if he had not asked Binbin to ‘recall‘ back his other classmates, this would not have happened at all…..


Injured in School

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